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Leo&Lucky’s are independent, locally-owned, retail and service facilities specializing in nutrition, supplies, and grooming for cats and dogs.

There’s a certain charm found in stores like ours. They’re intimate, warm, friendly and familiar. The faces don’t often change, and neither do the values embedded within the business.

Leo&Lucky’s was founded to provide an alternative for pet owners seeking an experiential upgrade over chain stores and online outfits that lack knowledgeable employees and responsibly-sourced products. We are our customers’ friends and neighbors, and know them and their pets beyond just their email address and credit card number. Pets are our passion, and we like to be surrounded by like-minded people. We love what we do, because we get to help pets enjoy better lives every day.

Pet owners turn to us for our vast knowledge of pet food, supplies and grooming options that are ideally suited for each individual pet. We at Leo&Lucky’s go to great lengths to ensure the products on our shelves are the same quality that we would give our own pets – because we do! That means research into every product or service we offer and a promise that prohibits us from selling food with corn, wheat, soy, or by-products. We put pets over profits and pledge to never sacrifice those ethics in favor of a better bottom line.

We want customers for life and adhere to our 3C’s philosophy of providing a quality product at a fair Cost, offering Convenience throughout the customer experience, and being valued contributors to the Communities in which we live and work.

After many years of encouragement from industry professionals and our customers, we decided to share our knowledge and passion with others. We feel the best way to achieve this is by aligning ourselves with others sharing the same level of enthusiasm for this amazing industry.

Interested in owning your very own Leo&Lucky’s? Learn more about franchise opportunities here.

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Since the beginning of Leo&Lucky’s, our “3C’s” have been the guiding light that informs every decision we make. Our emphasis on Cost, Convenience, and Community is what makes us different.


Cost – We know the allure of online shopping and deal hunting, but if you’re buying your pet food from somewhere other than Leo&Lucky’s, you’re simply paying too much! We closely monitor the largest online and brick-and-mortar retailers and pledge that our prices will always be equal to or less than that of our competitors for the same or similar type of product. Our flexible position as a locally-owned retailer allows us to work with both large, well-known brands and smaller, independent companies. That means we can offer you a wider variety of trusted, pet foods and supplies for all budget ranges. Our low-cost guarantee and price-matching policy as well as our Lucky2BLoyal and Frequent Buyer Programs ensure you always receive the best value.


Convenience – We love that our store feels a bit like a Norman Rockwell painting at times, with friends and neighbors mixing and mingling. Being “just around the corner” has never felt so good. That hometown hospitality, combined with our local delivery service, gives our customers the added flexibility in choosing which method is right for them at the moment. Our grooming spa offers flexible appointment times as well as a free Preferred Client program for even more convenient scheduling. Forgot to make a grooming appointment? Check out our new self-serve pet wash!


Community – We strive to be good community partners, because our owners also call your community home. In addition to supporting local schools, youth groups, and numerous other local philanthropic causes, we regularly offer events such as pet adoption days in-store, low-cost vaccination clinics, free seminars, and are always happy to answer pet care questions. We pride ourselves on a level of service that exceeds our peers. We consider customer feedback a valuable tool for our continued improvement and growth as a company. Unlike with national chains, your voice truly gets to us every day.


Love Leo and Lucky’s. They have everything and their employees are awesome. Thanks ❤️...



Love the owner, Rachel. She is sensitive to pet parent's needs, has a wealth of knowledge, and works right along with her staff. Store is well stocked with healthy product, and staff is engaged. Shopping...



I come in every week. I am not only thrilled with my grooming experience, but the employees always know what products my babies need. I would never shop anywhere else!...



I can't say enough about this pet store, they are the friendliest and always remember their customers. The service is top of the line!! Always helpful in every way--suggesting the best food and snacks for...



Edward Selkow
Edward Selkow
Very helpful. Had what I needed. Nice. And affordable
Leeann Thompson
Leeann Thompson
Employees have great suggestions for quality food. Rewards available for loyal customers.
Ms. K.
Ms. K.
1st time having my toy breed dogs groomed here (Excellent Groomers with 5 star service) my girls haircuts were exactly as I requested! I highly recommend Leo & Lucky’s!
Vaughn “Mr. Kingston” Murphy
Vaughn “Mr. Kingston” Murphy
Very friendly and accommodating staff. Very good variety of food, services, and accessories. How many pet stores you go to with half baked staff just standing behind registers. Folks here engage with you and are knowledgeable. Been shopping here for 3 years.
Kerry Walsh
Kerry Walsh
The “local” pet shop! Everyone here knows us and our pets! They have a wealth of knowledge and are super super helpful! We love this store and it’s crew!
Simone Stoltz
Simone Stoltz
I have been buying dog food and pet supplies from L& L for years ☺️. Great prices and great customer service!
teresa krebs
teresa krebs
Love the local shop! We’ve been going since before it was Leo and Luckys. Good staff and stand by products!

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