Grooming Services at The Spa at Leo&Lucky’s

How to Make an Appointment at The Spa at Leo&Lucky’s

Find your store and call to set an appointment.

Our spa services at Leo&Lucky’s are available by appointment only.  We have many regular clients, so be sure to plan ahead, especially during peak seasons. Ask about our free Preferred Client Program to take the guesswork out of scheduling!

Why choose The Spa at Leo&Lucky’s?

It’s All Included

Our bath and grooming services at Leo&Lucky’s spa are a comprehensive package that helps to ensure your pet stays happy, healthy and clean.  Compared to others who utilize a la carte pricing, leaving you confused and potentially unsatisfied, we make sure you and your fur-baby are fully covered.

The Best Groomers & Products

From the quality of our groomers to the shampoo and equipment, we use only the best at Leo&Lucky’s. Our commercial bathing systems will massage your dog’s skin and coat, and along with our high-velocity dryers permit close examination of your dog’s skin. We’ve often found allergies, small sores, tumors and even tiny ticks that would have otherwise been missed! Our stainless steel tubs and kennels ensure sanitary conditions.

Special Accommodations

Have a pet with a common health or mobility concern?  We strive to make the day as stress free as possible at Leo&Lucky’s. We are happy to accommodate pets with special needs so their experience is a positive one. We utilize 100% pure essential oils, to promote a calm experience throughout The Spa at Leo&Lucky’s grooming service.

Free Preferred Client Program

We have convenient appointment times and extremely flexible pick-up and drop-off availability as well. Our free Preferred Client Program guarantees you will always have the appointment you need, when you need it.  You select the date and time to conform to your busy schedule – we will even call to remind you. There are other benefits as well, such as free product samples, monthly drawings for free products or services, and other occasional treats offered exclusively to our Preferred Client participants. Best of all, your fur-baby will be the envy of the neighborhood! Ask about Preferred Client Program at your next appointment at The Spa at Leo&Lucky’s!

What’s Included in Grooming Services at The Spa at Leo&Lucky’s?

Complete Cat Grooming Service

  • Nail Trim
  • Removal of Mats
  • Brush Out & Combing
  • Dematting – when your furry friend says it’s okay
  • Flea Bath, Dry Shampoo Bath, or Medicated Bath
  • Ear Cleansing
  • Lion Trim
  • Patience & Love!

Complete Dog Bathing Service

  • Massaging Luxury Deep Clean Bath
  • Re-moisturizing of the Coat
  • Nail Trim (with grinding to smooth out edges – by request)
  • Ear Cleansing
  • Anal Glands – (by request*)
  • Brush Out & Detangle (excessive matting adds an additional cost)
  • No Heat Gentle Drying
  • Conditioning Spritz
  • Patience & Love!

Complete Dog Grooming Service

  • Additional Brush Out & Detangle
  • Ear Cleansing, including removal of debris and excess hair
  • Full Body Clipping as requested, includes trimming of feet, and sanitary trim
  • Even More Love!

*Due to the messy nature of expressing anal glands, we appreciate your understanding that this needs to be accompanied by a bath or complete grooming service.

leo and luckys spa dog

Why Groom a Pet Regularly?

Regular grooming is one of your furry companion’s basic needs, and an important responsibility of pet ownership. Professional grooming at Leo&Lucky’s will positively contribute to your loved one’s health, while helping to keep them happy and comfortable as well.

Though we are not veterinarians, our experienced grooming staff at our pet store will look over your cat or dog during the grooming process for any obvious signs that may benefit from further examination.

Elderly dogs benefit greatly from our massaging bathing systems at Leo&Lucky’s. The penetrating jets and warm water helps with arthritis, soothing their achy joints and muscles. Our non-slip seamless epoxy floor is great for older pets with joint concerns.

A dog or cat that gets groomed regularly at The Spa at Leo&Lucky’s just thinks it is a normal part of life!

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