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Cat & Dog Body Language 101

Body language is something that ALL species utilize, human and pets alike. Since our pets can’t speak (well, some pet owners may disagree there!), we have to rely on their outward appearance to determine what they’re trying to tell us. While some pets are easier to “read” than others, here are some general helpful hints about cat and dog body language. Cats: Body orientation and context are the first things to consider when determining a cat’s mood. Cats will

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How pet parents can avoid toxins from lawn treatments

Being a dog mom or a cat dad can be a wonderful, though occasionally stressful, blessing. The task of keeping our pets happy and healthy is an ongoing job, and even with our best efforts, it’s possible to forget about or be unaware of potential dangers. A few commonly overlooked pet-threat reside right outside. Lawn care, for example, is a seemingly innocuous chore, but the toxins in pesticide- or chemically-treated lawns can be harmful. Pets that walk or roll around in treated

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Microchips and ID Tags are Essential for Pet Safety

Once you’ve decided to give a pet their fur-ever home, it’s important to provide them with everything they’ll need to live their best lives. Food, water, toys, and staying up to date on vaccinations are among key elements to being a pet parent, but it’s also vital to keep their physical safety in mind.  In 2019 the American Humane Association stated that “approximately 10 million pets are lost in the United States, and millions of those end up in the nation’s animal shelters.” Their report detailed

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Pets “back to stressing” over back to school? Try these tips

 As summer break winds down, vacation suitcases are unpacked, and the kids start stuffing their backpacks with supplies for a new year, you may notice your pet acting differently – what’s the deal? It’s not your imagination: this season can trigger behavioral issues. We often see an increase in training and behavioral questions from our customers right around when school is back in session. When children suddenly aren’t around to shower their favorite furry friend with attention, pets can feel lonely

Summertime Tips from Rachel

Now that we’re in the middle of summer, we wanted to corral some of our “summer time tips” videos in one place! Whether you are a Florida native or a newbie to the area, pets need special care in our long summer months. Hurricane Preparedness This is an important topic in our area – did you know many hurricane shelters are not pet friendly? Do you have a hurricane plan that includes your pets? Car Safety Taking a road trip with

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Keeping fireworks from ruining your pet’s holiday

Measuring around 150 decibels, fireworks are louder than gunfire (140 decibels) and even many planes at takeoff (120 decibels). If you think fireworks are loud, think of what they sound like to dogs and cats who have much more sensitive hearing than ours. Many folks opt to purchase fireworks to set off at home. This is bad news for pets, as the booms are just down the street rather than over the water at a local park or beach. A

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Lost Pet: Return to Sender!

Gate left open?  Bolted after squirrel? Spooked by fireworks? Wandered off to see the neighbors barbecue? There are lots of reasons that your pet goes missing. Keeping some sort of ID on your dog will go miles towards getting him back. When finding a lost pet, the first place most people will look is the collar for a tag or embroidered information. We have a brand-new machine that will make a tag while you wait, with many fun styles to choose from.

Beat the heat with your pet this summer

Beat the summer heat with your pet

This won’t be news to any Floridian: our summer weather is downright brutal. It’s hot, humid, sunny, and oppressive. While we get to enjoy a mild winter climate, we pay for it in spades when summertime rolls around. From May to October, karma delivers a ruthless punch for all of those pictures you sent your family up north in January. Read on to see what can you do to make sure your pet is safe during the summer’s hottest months. Stay

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DO teach an old dog new tricks – 7 ways to keep your senior pet in tip-top shape

All pets age differently, depending on size, breed, lifestyle choices, diet, and environment. Even though she may seem young in your eyes, your dog aged 7 and older, or your cat aged 11 and older, is considered a senior. To keep your senior pets vibrant into old age, consider the following steps: Fine tune their dietEvery pet needs a wholesome diet, but aging pets need more care than youthful ones. Elderly pets need more protein than younger pets. The more digestible