Substrates and Supplements

The CaribSea line of products includes a wide range of substrates for all uses, plus a number of additives for specialty use. The products have excellent consumer acceptance, as the line has been out in retail spaces for many years.

Marine Substrates

CaribSea substrates start with those that are used for marine tanks. The Aragalive products consist of seven Live Sand products, all of which contain a broad spectrum of natural marine bacteria that occur in the ocean, plus additional selected strains of bacteria. A live sand bed is important in keeping the balance in a marine aquarium, and using the Aragalive products greatly speeds up the maturation of the nitrogen cycle in a marine aquarium.

CaribSea also makes a wide range of dry substrates for marine aquariums, including a number of different colors and grades of sands, crushed corals, reef sands and rocks.

Freshwater Substrates

For freshwater aquariums CaribSea has Eco-Complete Planted Aquarium substrate for planted tanks, and African Cichlid Substrate for African cichlid tanks. Eco-Complete is all that is needed for a thriving planted aquarium substrate, and it includes the gravel for holding plants, all of the minerals and other elements needed for plants to grow successfully, and live bacteria to get the natural biological balance of a planted tank going quickly.

The African Cichlid Substrate maintains the high pH and hardness needed by African Rift Lake Cichlids, and it also contains bacteria to speed up the cycling of a new aquarium. The dark color of both the sand and gravel bring out the varied colors of these fishes.

Reptile and Hermit Crab

Crabitat is a new sand developed especially for hermit crabs. It comes in six colors, and contains all of the calcium and other minerals needed by these animals.

Reptilite is an all-natural calcium substrate for reptiles and arachnids. The small grains of oolitic aragonite that compose Reptilite are not sharp, so there is no risk of harming the animals; it also does not compact easily, but remain loose so that more calcium is absorbed.


The growing CaribSea line of additives includes unique products for a number of applications. Purple-Up accelerates the growth of coralline algae in marine aquariums, provides the calcium and other minerals that this algae requires, and promotes the health of any marine aquarium.

Phos-Buster quickly removes dissolved phosphates for all marine, reef and freshwater aquariums. AragaMILK is a two part time-release buffer for use in aquariums with livebearers or African cichlids, as well as for growing corals.