Your Pet, the Super Hero!

We have always known pets can be super heroes – from search and rescue dogs, to therapy pets, to seeing eye dogs, and the list goes on. Have you ever imagined YOUR pet as a super hero? Now is your chance!

Click here to download a blank PDF of a drawing sheet to turn YOUR pet into a super hero! Or, leave a comment on our Facebook post about this and we will make FREE personalized coloring page(s) for you and your wonder pets! These personalized pages will be uploaded a day or two following our Facebook post and you will be able to download and print your pages at home. We will keep you in the loop on Facebook as to where and when you can download them!

We encourage you to comment with pictures of your artistic creations on our Facebook post. We will randomly select a winner to be featured on the Community News board in our store.

Thank you to Lia G. and Jake for completing this amazing example!

jake the wonder dog

Nicole Apostle is the marketing director at Leo&Lucky's.

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