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Five Reasons Why Pets are Good for our Emotional Well-Being

As more folks find themselves isolated at home during this challenging time, many are turning to animal shelters for furry companionship, or to find a way to give back to their community. More people are fostering pets, which gives prospective adopters more information about how a pet will behave in a home, and increases the chances the pet will be adopted. These positive trends are leading to animal shelters finding themselves empty – GREAT news! It is telling that animal shelters

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The First 30 Days with a Newly Adopted Dog

New dogs are incredibly exciting additions to a household. The first month that a new pet is home is important for setting up structure and expectations. Here are some tips to help a newly adopted dog transition into your home. Before you Adopt To crate or not to crate: Determine if you are going to crate train or not. Crate training is a wonderful way to let a dog have their own personal safe space while you’re away, or during stressful situations. If you decide to crate train,

How to Transition to a New Pet Food

Food Transitioning If you’ve decided to change your pets’ food today, be sure to take the time to properly transition your pet(s) from the old food to the new food to avoid upset stomach and bowel issues. This is especially important if you’re making a drastic change, such as from a conventional food to a raw diet. The transition period should last up to ten days. Start with mixing 75% old food with 25% of the new food for 2-3 days.If this

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