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Pet Ownership Shows Benefit to Children at Risk of Allergies

We’ve always known that pets are the BEST “medicine,” but now we’ve got the study to back it up. A recent study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology showed a striking finding when babies from homes with furry pets (dogs, cats, rabbits) were compared with babies in pet-free homes. The babies selected for the study were at-risk for allergies. When they were allergy tested at six months old, 19% of the babies displayed a reaction. NONE of

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Leo&Lucky’s Recommends Feeding a Rotational Diet

Most people would get very tired of eating the same food day in and day out. Imagine having to eat the same exact food your entire life (maybe with a few treats thrown in!) This is essentially how most people feed their pets, not realizing there is a different way to handle their furry friends’ nutritional needs. “Rotation feeding” or “feeding a rotational diet” is all about offering a variety of foods in a manner that won’t upset a pet’s system. Varying both proteins (chicken, beef, bison,

Keep Pets Hydrated with Wet Food

Keep those Pets Hydrated in the Summer with Wet Food

We are always happy to answer questions and point you in the right direction for your particular pet. Nowadays, the variety of dog and cat food available makes the “what do I feed my pet?!” decision feel daunting, but it’s not as complicated as it seems. Many pet owners are opting to feed their pets a variety of foods to maintain a balanced diet that is closer to nature’s intention. When choosing the type of food(s) you want to feed your

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Canine Adolescence can be a Trying Time for Dog Parents

If you find yourself with a 6-18 month old puppy who seems to be regressing in housebreaking and behavior, it’s not your imagination. Did you know that dogs are “teenagers” for a period of time, just like humans? During this time, depending on breed, (larger breeds tend to have longer and later periods of adolescence), you might find your previously well-behaved pet exhibiting frustrating behaviors like chewing inappropriate items, eliminating indoors, and digging. Adolescent dogs are the age group most

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5 Things to Know When Adopting a Shelter Pet

Pictured: Our Lucky, Riptide, and Penny – all rescued! -Rachel & Patrick A handful of highly positive things have come out of the situation we’ve all found ourselves in this year. One that we are particularly excited about is the dwindling number of pets finding themselves homeless at the animal shelter. As we mentioned last month, many folks are visiting shelters or contacting rescues to adopt a pet during this time. We are delighted at the number of recently adopted pets

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5 Ways to Celebrate Pet Moms on Mother’s Day

At Leo&Lucky’s, we love to celebrate our pet parents! Moms of all species will receive a carnation at Leo&Lucky’s on Mother’s Day – just a little “thank you” for being such wonderful parents to your fur babies. Did you know that Saturday, May 9th is National Dog Mom’s Day? Here are five ways you can celebrate your favorite dog (or cat!) mom: 1. Send her flowers – from her pet! You can’t go wrong with sending flowers or a plant. There are

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How to Clean More Safely Around Pets

How to Clean More Safely Around Pets In the midst of the pandemic, cleaning products are flying off shelves, and people are scrubbing and disinfecting their homes more seriously than ever. This is important for health, but inadvertently creates a potential hazard to our furry family members: the ingredients that make disinfectants effective make them toxic to pets. With this in mind, there are measures you can take to help keep your pets safer: Storing Cleaning Products Safely Pets are curious (and let’s

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Why Moisture in Your Pet’s Diet is Important

Why Moisture in Your Pet’s Diet is Important Learning with Leo & Lucky’s: Hydration With Florida temps already on the rise, it’s more important than ever for you AND your pet to stay hydrated. Get the scoop on pet hydration from Rachel in this new series: “Learning with Leo & Lucky’s” and then tell us what you think! Posted by Leo & Lucky’s on Tuesday, April 21, 2020 Hydration is so critical to all living things, and we know how essential

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Riptide’s Accomplishments: An Update from Rachel

Riptide’s Accomplishments: An Update from Rachel Riptide’s accomplishments: Patrick’s and my anniversary was the middle of November, about two weeks after we got Riptide. I had a hankering for some Stone Crab, so we called around to find some fresh ones (as well as being dog friendly). We headed out to Cortez. There was a wait of about 30 minutes, no biggie, it was a beautiful night. We were escorted to our table. Oh no… a high top. Rip wasn’t thrilled to