Keep pets safe at Halloween

Pet Safety around Halloween Doesn’t Have to be Scary!

Halloween is such a fun time of year for humans and animals alike. While it’s fun to dress your four-legged friends up for the occasion, there are several concerns about safety when it comes to pets. The Pet Poison hotline says they receive a 12 percent increase in calls during Halloween. Read on to learn how to protect your pets! Safe Storage / Unsafe Foods Pet owners should store all candy in a safe place, well out of a dog’s reach, as

kitten being scanned for microchip

Microchips and ID Tags are Essential for Pet Safety

Once you’ve decided to give a pet their fur-ever home, it’s important to provide them with everything they’ll need to live their best lives. Food, water, toys, and staying up to date on vaccinations are among key elements to being a pet parent, but it’s also vital to keep their physical safety in mind.  In 2019 the American Humane Association stated that “approximately 10 million pets are lost in the United States, and millions of those end up in the nation’s animal shelters.” Their report detailed

lucky riptide and penny

The Enormous Benefits of Enrichment Activities, Toys, and Treats for Pets

The back-to-school transition period can be hard on pets who quickly get used to all of their people being home for the summer. Dogs, cats, birds, and small animals (and people!) alike thrive on mental and physical stimulation. By providing them with appropriate enrichment resources, we can ensure their overall well-being, even through seasons of change. Here are three big reasons why pet-friendly activities, toys, and treats are essential to our furry friends. 1. Mental Stimulation: Enrichment activities are crucial for engaging

relaxed cat leo and luckys

Cat & Dog Body Language 101

Body language is something that ALL species utilize, human and pets alike. Since our pets can’t speak (well, some pet owners may disagree there!), we have to rely on their outward appearance to determine what they’re trying to tell us. While some pets are easier to “read” than others, here are some general helpful hints about cat and dog body language. Cats: Body orientation and context are the first things to consider when determining a cat’s mood. Cats will

dog kissing little girl blog leo and luckys

Shelter Pets can be the Best “Breed” for Kids

Summer is upon us, and with more people home to help, it can be a prime time to introduce a new pet to the family! If you’re considering bringing a new family member into your home soon, consider all of the reasons why shelter pets are a wonderful choice for families with kids. Shelter pets have been vetted – in more ways than one! Pet adoption counselors want a placement to be successful. They will be able to guide you in

raw bones

Why Some Raw Food is Better than None for Pets

If you’re thinking about switching your pets to a raw diet, did you know it doesn’t have to be all or nothing? It’s pawistively true: your pet can be fed any number of ways, and any amount of raw food is a step in the right direction for your pets’ diet (no bones about it!) The benefits of raw food are so significant, incorporating just one extra item to add to your pet’s meals can make a difference in their

Summertime Tips from Rachel

Now that we’re nearing summer, we wanted to corral some of our “summer time tips” videos in one place! Whether you are a Florida native or a newbie to the area, pets need special care in our long summer months. Hurricane Preparedness This is an important topic in our area – did you know many hurricane shelters are not pet friendly? Do you have a hurricane plan that includes your pets? Car Safety Taking a road trip with your pets or

fresh pet food banner

Home delivery subscription pet food: as paw-some as it seems?

Subscription-based services have increased in popularity over the past several years. You can sign up for a bevy of things from workout classes to razors to wine, and you’ve likely even seen ads for subscription fresh pet food services. Like human food delivery services such as Hello Fresh or Blue Apron, you sign up for a plan, answer some questions about your pet, and these fresh pet foods are delivered in bulk to your home in large temperature-controlled boxes. Is fresh food something you should consider for your

lucky riptide and penny

5 Things to Know When Adopting a Shelter Pet

Pictured: Our Lucky, Riptide, and Penny – all rescued! -Rachel & Patrick Are you ready to bring some extra love and joy into your life? Adopting a pet from a shelter can be a wonderful way to do just that! Not only will you be giving an animal in need a second chance at a happy life, you’ll also be gaining a loyal and loving companion who will brighten up your days. Adopting a shelter pet can be a truly rewarding

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