Summertime Tips from Rachel

Now that we’re nearing summer, we wanted to corral some of our “summer time tips” videos in one place! Whether you are a Florida native or a newbie to the area, pets need special care in our long summer months.

Hurricane Preparedness

This is an important topic in our area – did you know many hurricane shelters are not pet friendly? Do you have a hurricane plan that includes your pets?

Car Safety

Taking a road trip with your pets or just running errands around town? Please make sure your pets are properly restrained and cared for in the car. We’ve got the know-how below!

Water Safety

We live on a big peninsula! From the pool, retention ponds, boating, pet-friendly beaches… heck, even a ditch after a big rain event, keeping your fur kids safe around water can be a full-time job! Watch the video below for safety tips from Rachel.

Nicole Apostle is the marketing director at Leo&Lucky's.