Enjoy Easter with your pets – safely!

leo luckys easter blog

Easter is one of the most exciting holidays for pet and human parents. The opening of the baskets! The visiting of the bunny! The egg hunt! New toys! We hope you have a fun and meaningful holiday this April 17th. We will be closed to allow our staff to enjoy the holiday with their friends and family.

We wanted to remind our beloved community to take steps to keep their pets safe from the following hoppin’ holiday hazards:

Easter baskets

Children’s Easter baskets should be kept out of reach of pets and stored high up before the holiday. Chocolate and candy with xylitol are especially concerning for pets, but plastic Easter grass is a common culprit of springtime ER visits. Pets love to nibble on it and it can lead to intestinal blockages. It is safer to avoid grass altogether (consider lining a basket with a new pool towel, or a spring-themed flannel blanket), but if grass is a must, use paper shreds. Colorful paper shreds are available at dollar and craft stores.

Pets are not gifts

While the idea of children squealing with delight over bunnies or chicks in their basket is certainly tempting, please refrain from giving pets as gifts unless you are 100% committed to caring for that pet for the rest of its life. Pets are a long-term addition to your family that everyone must be on board with. Unfortunately, families can be unprepared for the responsibility of owning bunnies and chicks, which require special feeding, housing, and care. There are so many cute stuffed animals available – consider that instead!

Easter Lilies

The beautiful Easter lily is, unfortunately, a highly dangerous flower to have around cats. If you are owned by any felines, keep these flowers outside, or better yet, avoid bringing them home. Any “true lily” variety is a potential toxin to cats.

Tummy woes

Just as other holidays, refrain from giving pets fatty scraps to avoid pancreatitis. Onions and garlic are other no-nos for pets. There are safe ways to include pets in your holiday celebrations. We suggest adding frozen raw or freeze-dried toppers, or pet-safe bone broth, on regularly served foods for an extra yummy treat. Pet-specific decorative cookies are fun and festive, as well.

We look forward to helping you fill your pets’ Easter baskets! Hop on in to see our selection of festive treats and supplies this month.

Nicole Apostle is the marketing director at Leo&Lucky's.