Why everyone needs regular grooming

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Showering, brushing teeth, fixing our hair, applying deodorant, laundering clothes… most of us would not go weeks or even days without basic hygiene like bathing or cleaning our teeth. We all need regular “grooming,” and so do our pets! If you can’t remember how long it’s been since your pet got a bath or was brushed, that’s a sign that it’s been too long. Whether you get your pet groomed professionally or do it yourself at home, grooming keeps your best friend healthy, from top to tail.

Grooming: it’s more than brushing

While brushing is important to remove dirt, dandruff, dead hair, and prevent painful matting, it is sometimes thought of as the only part of grooming, which, for all breeds is a misconception. Many breeds require “haircuts” on a regular schedule, just like humans! Even if you have a short-haired breed, pet care is more involved than you may think. Before adopting a new friend, research and make sure you have the time and the means to keep up with the kind of grooming that specific pet requires (did you know sphynx cats need weekly baths?)

Care that all pets need:

  • Bathing
  • Nail trims (regular walks on sidewalks can reduce the need for trims)
  • Ear cleaning
  • Eye area cleaning
  • Tooth brushing
  • Brushing

Groom early, groom often

Besides keeping pets healthy, the act of caring for our furry friends builds a bond between us and our pets. It does not have to be a chore. Start when a pet is very young to make it a familiar process. Go slow, offer treats, excessive praise, and maybe even a smear of natural peanut butter on the tub wall for a tasty distraction. Bathing and grooming regularly will help your pet know what to expect and should reduce any drama.

Catch health problems early

Regular grooming at the salon provides another “set of eyes” between veterinary appointments. Professional bathers and groomers can spot growths, dental troubles, parasites, pests, and other health problems before they become a larger issue. Grooming keeps skin and coat, teeth and ears, and nails healthy. It also reduces smelliness and shedding, making it so much more pleasant to have a cuddle with our furry buddies.

Stop in and check out our self-serve pet wash with elevated wash tubs and everything you need to bathe your pet. Leave the mess to us! Our grooming salon is extra busy this time of year, but give us a call at 941-776-9524 to snag our next available appointment. See you soon!

Nicole Apostle is the marketing director at Leo&Lucky's.

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