Maintaining an Enriching Environment for Small Pets

Small Animal Environments

Your rabbit, guinea pig, hamster or other small pet enjoys and benefits from daily enrichment opportunities in their habitat. As the owner of a small pet, you can enrich their environment in several ways — accessories and toys, healthy treats, and by offering a variety of hay choices mixed together.

Change up the actual habitat with huts, caves, and houses made of chewable materials such as hay or wood. Add chew toys and toss toys made of safe materials. Offer either natural materials, or colorful accessories; chew sticks from fruit wood are well received. If you choose to take items from your yard or surrounding area, be sure they are nontoxic to your particular species, have no tagalong insects, and are free from any sort of pesticide.

Healthy treats mimic special items found in nature, such as dried fruits and berries freeze dried or mixed with hays. Low sugar should be a priority, and you can look for treats with benefits such as high in certain vitamins and antioxidants. Use treats to bond with your pet — not just as a dietary supplement. Be sure not to overfeed any treat — the primary diet should be the species-appropriate pellet and a variety of hays.

Offering different varieties of hay as part of the daily ration gives your pet the opportunity to forage and find his favorite flavor. Compacted hay discs that small pets love to break apart and play with, are a fun way to offer an activity while providing optimal nutrition.

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Nicole Apostle is the marketing director at Leo&Lucky's.