Riptide Update – “Riley”- and the “Teenage Years”

riptide has our heart

This is a follow up to this blog article, and proof it’s a thing!

By Rachel McGinnis – We are Riptide’s fourth (and forever!) family. When we picked Riptide up from Kat, Riptide’s third mom, she told me I would meet “Riley” – Riptide’s alter ego… his evil twin, if you will. I thought she was exaggerating, of course. Little did we know, it wouldn’t take long at all to meet the infamous Riley.

According to #savethedobes, “Adopted dogs take 3 days to decompress. 3 weeks to start to know your routine. 3 months to start to feel at home. Give them a chance.” We adopted Riptide on October 27, 2019, and it was only a handful of days until we met “Riley.”

Our first meeting with Riley: I came home from work, made dinner for Patrick, Riptide and myself. He’d been out recently and had recently ditched his “belly band” (from previous bad habits growing up) maybe a week prior. We sat down to eat, Rip lifts his leg on a room divider while looking at us. Grrr… I scolded him, told him he was a bad boy, and took him outside. He had already emptied his entire bladder in my kitchen; there was clearly nothing left to do outside.

Our second glimpse of Riley: Similar scenario, home from work, ordered a pizza (cheat day) and grabbed a glass of wine. While talking to Patrick in the kitchen about the day’s events and what do you think happens? The cutest dog ever (though I am biased) took a  big ‘ol poop, right in front of us. What the heck man? I know you know better. I picked him up and took him outside and proceeded to tell him, “this is where we potty.” I am pretty sure he didn’t care.

The third Riley spotting: In bed, the boy has had his “last call” for the evening. We thought he was getting comfortable and he stood over Patrick’s legs, which were under the comforter, and proceeded to pee on him. This was getting ridiculous. We put him on the floor as his “punishment”. That should work, separate him from his pack, that’ll teach him. MIA for about an hour, I went looking for him. Our house is not large, though he was nowhere to be found. Weird. I came back into the bedroom and I saw a tail from under the bed. I lifted him up without making eye contact or saying a word and put him back on the bed. He “looked” sorry to me.

It’s time for a walk! If you read the last installment of “Riptide’s accomplishments” you would know we had mastered off leash walking. Mr. Tide had other plans. Beautiful day, garages open, it sounds like a great time to explore. Getting him back to us was well, a bit of a challenge. Back on the leash he went.

Living the life of “Riley” has taken on a whole new meaning. Kat, Riptide’s third mom, told me I would meet him. I didn’t believe her. I love them both, Riptide (Yin) and Riley (Yang). They complete each other. I wouldn’t change a thing. You can’t have a life of rainbows without a little rain.

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