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Riptide Update – “Riley”- and the “Teenage Years”

This is a follow up to this blog article, and proof it’s a thing! By Rachel McGinnis – We are Riptide’s fourth (and forever!) family. When we picked Riptide up from Kat, Riptide’s third mom, she told me I would meet “Riley” – Riptide’s alter ego… his evil twin, if you will. I thought she was exaggerating, of course. Little did we know, it wouldn’t take long at all to meet the infamous Riley. According to #savethedobes, “Adopted dogs take

New Year's Resolutions for Pets

New Year’s Resolutions for your Pet

If you’re on social media, brace yourselves: it’s time for “new year, new me” messages to take over your feed. A New Year is a nice, clean slate that can be used as a catalyst to adopt some major modifications into your family’s life. Don’t forget about your pet – they can also benefit from some fresh, positive changes, too! Here are some easy ways to incorporate your pet into your resolutions: Exercising more – together!Walking your pet is one of