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DO teach an old dog new tricks – 7 ways to keep your senior pet in tip-top shape

All pets age differently, depending on size, breed, lifestyle choices, diet, and environment. Even though she may seem young in your eyes, your dog aged 7 and older, or your cat aged 11 and older, is considered a senior. To keep your senior pets vibrant into old age, consider the following steps: Fine tune their dietEvery pet needs a wholesome diet, but aging pets need more care than youthful ones. Elderly pets need more protein than younger pets. The more digestible

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Creating Their Own Luck: via Pet Business Magazine

Creating Their Own Luck Leo&Lucky’s CEO Patrick McGinnis reflects on over a decade’s worth of hard work, passion and success in an ever-evolving industry.  By Jenna Fanelli Nov 1, 2021 Raised in a blue-collar Midwestern home and having worked in the family construction and development business, which he credits with guiding him through the store build-out process and enhancing his communication skills, McGinnis has always seen a good work ethic and morals as the most important

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How pet parents can avoid toxins from lawn treatments

Being a dog mom or a cat dad can be a wonderful, though occasionally stressful, blessing. The task of keeping our pets happy and healthy is an ongoing job, and even with our best efforts, it’s possible to forget about or be unaware of potential dangers. A few commonly overlooked pet-threat reside right outside. Lawn care, for example, is a seemingly innocuous chore, but the toxins in pesticide- or chemically-treated lawns can be harmful. Pets that walk or roll around in treated

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Riptide Update – “Riley”- and the “Teenage Years”

This is a follow up to this blog article, and proof it’s a thing! By Rachel McGinnis – We are Riptide’s fourth (and forever!) family. When we picked Riptide up from Kat, Riptide’s third mom, she told me I would meet “Riley” – Riptide’s alter ego… his evil twin, if you will. I thought she was exaggerating, of course. Little did we know, it wouldn’t take long at all to meet the infamous Riley. According to #savethedobes, “Adopted dogs take

New Year's Resolutions for Pets

New Year’s Resolutions for your Pet

If you’re on social media, brace yourselves: it’s time for “new year, new me” messages to take over your feed. A New Year is a nice, clean slate that can be used as a catalyst to adopt some major modifications into your family’s life. Don’t forget about your pet – they can also benefit from some fresh, positive changes, too! Here are some easy ways to incorporate your pet into your resolutions: Exercising more – together!Walking your pet is one of

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