How pet parents can avoid toxins from lawn treatments

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Being a dog mom or a cat dad can be a wonderful, though occasionally stressful, blessing. The task of keeping our pets happy and healthy is an ongoing job, and even with our best efforts, it’s possible to forget about or be unaware of potential dangers.

A few commonly overlooked pet-threat reside right outside. Lawn care, for example, is a seemingly innocuous chore, but the toxins in pesticide- or chemically-treated lawns can be harmful.

Pets that walk or roll around in treated grass may absorb those chemicals into their paws or skin. Once licked, these chemicals can be introduced into the digestive system, leading to any number of negative side effects. These might show up in the form of rashes, respiratory issues, or stomach discomfort. These invisible dangers are scary, but there are several ways to be proactive!

For example, if you’re spraying your own lawn, read the instructions carefully to see if they include warnings regarding animals. Some pesticides require that you spray the lawn with water after application, and before letting animals get in contact. Wait until the lawn is completely dry before letting your pets out to play. Keep an eye on them to ensure they’re not eating grass.

Also, consider using a “Yard Spray” sign after application to warn other pet parents who might be out for a walk to avoid your lawn. If you use a service, do not remove the sign before your lawn is completely dry.

You can further err on the side of caution by getting your pets booties to wear on walks so they don’t absorb anything through their pads, and don’t track residue inside. Removing your shoes before coming inside can also be helpful as we walk everywhere and can carry all sorts of germs on the soles of our shoes.

If pet shoes seem a little far fetched for you, you can opt for wiping their paws before entering the home, or spritzing them with a pet-friendly sanitizing spray that eliminates bacteria, fungi, and odors. Taking extra steps to keep toxins out of the home is important, as they can become embedded in carpet or pet beds, and remain for some time.

Nicole Apostle is the marketing director at Leo&Lucky's.

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