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​Staying cool … some quick tips to keep your dog comfortable!

Portions of this article originally appeared on NexPet. It’s a warm one out there! Here are some ideas to keep your dog comfortable in these summer months: Stay indoors with the AC… always an option. Wait til cooler parts of the day to walk your dog. Take water with you on your walk, for both of you. After a walk, a bowl of ice cubes will help your dog cool off without gulping water. Reflective mesh tarps deflect heat and create a breezy,

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Safe Spring Cleaning with Pets Around

Get out the vinegar and buckets: it’s April and the time for spring cleaning is here! While necessary to maintain a home, that rejuvenating feeling of a thorough deep clean can inadvertently create a potential hazard to our furry family members. The ingredients that make disinfectants effective make them toxic to pets. With this in mind, there are measures you can take to help keep your pets safer while sprucing: Storing Cleaning Products Safely Pets are curious (and let’s face it –

yard spray sign

How pet parents can avoid toxins from lawn treatments

Being a dog mom or a cat dad can be a wonderful, though occasionally stressful, blessing. The task of keeping our pets happy and healthy is an ongoing job, and even with our best efforts, it’s possible to forget about or be unaware of potential dangers. A few commonly overlooked pet-threat reside right outside. Lawn care, for example, is a seemingly innocuous chore, but the toxins in pesticide- or chemically-treated lawns can be harmful. Pets that walk or roll around in treated

cat eating on a fancy table

The un-fur-tunate dozen: these foods should absolutely not be given to cats

Tomato sauce, cheese, spices… in retrospect, Garfield really shouldn’t have eaten that lasagna. Do you find it hard to sit down to a nice meal without a cat rubbing up against your leg, begging for a morsel? We know it’s tough not to cave to a feline’s request for treats, but cats have specific nutrient requirements that can easily be exceeded when human food is shared with them. Even when giving something you may think is healthy, like fruits and

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