How to treat a dog-gone tummy ache at home

dog eating from bowl

‘Tis almost the season for mischievous mutts to taste the turkey, meddle with the mashed potatoes, and gobble the gravy. (Jokes aside, table scraps are almost always a bad idea and can even lead to health emergencies like pancreatitis!) After episodes of indiscriminate eating or holiday stress, otherwise healthy dogs can experience an occasional episode of loose stool or diarrhea that resolves within 12 to 24 hours. Usually, these tummy troubles can be resolved at home.

During gastrointestinal episodes, you can offer pet-specific bone broth for hydration while giving your dog’s GI tract a chance to recover. For diarrhea, activated charcoal can be used; it works by binding aggravating substances in the GI tract so they can be excreted in the feces. The recommended dose is 1mg/kg twice daily of coconut charcoal for intermittent episodes of diarrhea. Do not use activated charcoal if your dog is constipated or consumed caustic materials. Paxaid is another option that is great for stool issues.

Ask us in store about our homeopathic Tummy Trouble drops, with which our customers have seen much success for upset tummies and vomiting. Paxaid for poo issues and Tummy Trouble drops can be used together if it is “coming out of both ends.” Hydration is key during this time. We carry pet-specific bone broth, and raw goat milk, which is full of probiotics and is easy to digest. The good bacteria can help ward off any bad bugs that might still be lurking.

After vomiting and diarrhea have subsided, offer a bland diet of canned pure pumpkin or pet-specific digestive support foods like our winter squash puree Edible Elixir from Primal, mixed with 99% lean cooked turkey with no seasoning. The fiber from the pumpkin or squash puree helps fill the tummy without making it have to work so hard, and can help with stool trouble.

You can ease your pet back into their regular diet by mixing small amounts of their usual food into the turkey mixture. Work your way back up to their usual amount slowly to avoid further upsetting their system.

Lastly, while an upset tummy in dogs often goes away on its own, if the diarrhea and GI upset become a more regular occurrence, it’s time for further diagnostics. Chronic loose stools, nausea, or vomiting should never be considered normal and the following issues are always causes for further investigation:

  • Not eating or drinking
  • Lethargy or depression
  • Frequent vomiting or diarrhea that lasts more than 24 hours
  • Vomit or diarrhea with blood
  • Known ingestion of a foreign object
  • Any gastro issues in a very young puppy

We are here to help your pets stay healthy, happy, and safe! Come see us in store, and thanks for shopping local with Leo&Lucky’s!

Nicole Apostle is the marketing director at Leo&Lucky's.