Keep those Pets Hydrated in the Summer with Wet Food

Keep Pets Hydrated with Wet Food

We are always happy to answer questions and point you in the right direction for your particular pet. Nowadays, the variety of dog and cat food available makes the “what do I feed my pet?!” decision feel daunting, but it’s not as complicated as it seems. Many pet owners are opting to feed their pets a variety of foods to maintain a balanced diet that is closer to nature’s intention.

When choosing the type of food(s) you want to feed your pets (dry, wet, freeze dried, raw…) it’s important to note that all pet (and people!) food is comprised of the same basic stuff at the macronutrient level: protein, fat, and carbs. The major difference between the types of pet food is the water content. Canned food contains much more water, and offers many advantages:

  • In hot climates like ours, canned food keeps pets more hydrated and less at risk for heat-related illnesses
  • Wet food’s high water content keeps your pets feeling fuller and more satisfied than dry kibble, calorie for calorie (which means less begging!)
  • Pets that are more reluctant to drink water will be more hydrated on a canned diet, which is good for the bladder, kidneys, and other vital organs
  • Dry foods are dehydrating and require pets to drink more water to digest them, unlike wet food
  • Wet food is more palatable and even picky animals will usually enjoy it
  • Canned foods are typically made without artificial colors or preservatives
  • Unopened canned foods have a very long shelf life
  • Many wet foods are richer in fat and protein than dry foods that can be loaded with carbs
  • Wet food meats are often less processed and closer to their natural state than dry foods

While wet food offers many advantages, not all canned food is created equally. Because canned foods are so high in moisture content, you want to be sure your pet’s food is held to a high standard. It’s our guarantee to you that all of the pet food in our store is nutritious, quality, and vetted, which makes your decision that much easier at Leo&Lucky’s! Click here to view the pet food brands we stock.

Nicole Apostle is the marketing director at Leo&Lucky's.