6 Reasons why Kids are the PB to Pets’ Jelly

kids with cat

If you’re a parent you may be a little wary of the idea of adding two or more feet, claws, or paws to your household. Parenting can keep you busy enough without worrying about cleaning out bird cages or changing the kitty litter. Accepting the responsibility of caring for another life is a big decision, but let’s consider the paw-sitive results of saying yes to the pet!

  1. Did you know that having a pet at home could benefit you and your family physically? Studies have shown that children who grow up in homes with animals have statistically less risk of developing allergic reactions later in life. Other advantages include lower blood pressure, less risk of heart disease, and minimizing medical concerns means fewer trips to the doctor!
  2. Having an animal can encourage a more active lifestyle. Playing fetch, tug of war; even walking the dog could become part of a low impact fitness routine the whole family can participate in. Having a pet can stimulate the urge to play, resulting in an increase in physical activity. Kids with pets go outside more often promoting an active lifestyle that can follow them through to adulthood.
  3. Though smaller children should be monitored around animals, as they get older they can take on more of a leadership role. Exercising the pet, checking food and water levels, cleaning up after them; these examples are some ways a child can participate in “raising” their pet while simultaneously learning about responsibility along the way.
  4. Children want to take part in caring for their pets; showing keen interest in finding out how to keep them safe and content. That bond helps foster children who are more empathetic towards animals and humans alike. Accountability and positive reinforcement do wonders towards creating more confident, patient, and respectful young people.
  5. Growing up with a pet acts as an opportunity to teach about miraculous things like reproduction and birth, as well as some of the less pleasant lessons such a death and bereavement.
  6. Overall, pets make kids happy. Their connection with their pets can increase serotonin, reduce stress levels, and help stave off loneliness. Amiable pet relationships encourage the development of trust. Some children confide in their pets, knowing that their private thoughts and feelings are safe. The unconditional love a pet provides can help a lot if a child is upset.

    Finding the right pet for your family might take some time, and our staff at Leo&Lucky’s would be glad to help however we can. After all, supporting lifestyles that feature happy, healthy pets is kind of our thing, and we’re not kitten around. Adoptable local pets can be found at Petfinder.org or at your local Humane Society, County Animal Services, and rescue groups!

Nicole Apostle is the marketing director at Leo&Lucky's.